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Bainbridge Island Geology: Video Previews, Field Trips

Discover how a small island in Puget Sound can reveal the larger picture.

Meet the Creative Team
Gregory Geehan
Cathy Bellefeuille
Cameron Snow


Co-director, Narrator


She became lead camera for this video project almost from the first day. In May of 2010, Cameron, Greg and Cathy began their explorations of shoreline embankments, looking for the evidence that would tell the story of the geological formation of Bainbridge Island.

Cathy, who grew up on the island, was the quickest to spot fossils and to capture on film birds, eagles, heron, seagulls, cormorants that occur in every scene.

She studied filmmaking at UW and was a regular video contributor to BITV news.

 Her experience as a documentary film maker began in 2000 when she became an independent program producer for Bainbridge Island Broadcasting (Community Access Television).

She has produced a number of films focused on local natural history, and the arts. In 2006 Bainbridge Island Television named one of her series “Best New Original Program”. In 2016 she was named an Island Treasure.
Prior to settling in Puget Sound Region Cameron worked as a designer and landscape painter. She holds an MA from the Royal College of Art in London and a BA from Mills College in California.
His career in applied geological research in the oil industry took him to London, Kuwait, Colombia, Texas, and Alaska.

 Since retiring to Bainbridge Island, he has reconnected with the geology of the region and has become a popular speaker on the subject. 

He holds a degree from the UW and a PhD from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.